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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Customer Care

When you make an appointment with TDC, you will receive the top notch customer service. Our owner is part of the daily staff – answering phones, scheduling appointments and working in the field. Our technicians are the best in the business, taking care to clean your home in a thorough and professional manner.


TDC is bonded and insured to complete their job while on your property.


Our pricing structure is based 100% on the number of access points cleaned in a home. Access points include supply registers, return registers, and both supply and return trunk lines to the plenums of the furnace.

Residential and Semi-Commercial Duct Cleaning Service

At Toledo Duct Clean, we understand that removing contaminants from your air duct system is one of the best ways to control dust, reduce indoor air pollution, and promote the long equipment life of your furnace system. That’s why we use a combination of high-powered air, rotary brushes, powerful vacuum, and sanitation solutions to remove allergens, dust, and debris from your system. Toledo Duct Clean, also, uses live video cameras to inspect the duct work before cleaning to identify any issues or potential problems. Before and after videos can be viewed during the appointment so the customer can see the inside of their duct work while they are being cleaned.

Residential and Semi-Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Dryer vent cleaning is another highly encouraged service that can keep your property safe and prolong the life of your dryer. We will remove the dryer vent line from your dryer and run a brush all the way through the vent to the outside of the home to remove any lint stuck in the vent. After the vent is clean, we put the dryer back in place and make sure it is venting properly. Toledo Duct Clean also repairs, re-routes, and installs new dryer vent lines.