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Making sure your air duct system functions properly is important to your health and the safety of your home. We all want our homes to be more energy efficient, and a clean, clear air duct system improves your furnace’s efficiency and your indoor air quality. Regular air duct cleanings can remove dust, allergens, and other pollutants that circulate in the air of your home through your duct system.
Toledo Duct Clean prides itself on its honesty and will not clean your ducts if they do not need it. We use a live camera system to inspect the system for dirt, debris, etc., and then use the camera to navigate cleaning. You are welcome to watch the cleaning process live or we can provide before and after pictures upon request. It is because of this that we are Toledo’s Premier Dryer Vent and Duct Cleaning Service.
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Since 2011, TDC has been family owned and operated.  We are currently based out of Perrysburg, OH.  We service residential and semi-commercial properties throughout NW Ohio and SE Michigan.


Customer service is number one.  We pride ourselves on the word of mouth referrals that we receive.  We view a referral as the best form of advertising.

How We Do It

We use a combination of rotating brushes and high-pressure suction to remove dust and debris from your duct system. Brushes provide a much more thorough cleaning than air pressure. We have brushes from 4 inches to 30 inches in diameter to fit any size duct work. We, also, utilize a camera system to view the duct work before and after the cleaning to ensure completion and satisfaction.

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Angie CampbellAngie Campbell
13:14 13 Mar 23
I couldn’t be more grateful for this service on my mother’s home. She needed the best possible chance of ridding the house of air contaminates due to her recent diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis and since the services rendered, it has made a tremendous difference on the air quality in her home. Also, the technicians called to let us know they were in route to my mom’s home. They were respectful and knowledgeable service men. My mom and I highly recommend!!!
15:13 14 Feb 23
Working with Toledo Duct Cleaning was a pleasant experience. During the initial call, Jake, was patient and thorough in the explanation of the services provided. He remained on the line while I went throughout the home to count the number of vents. I never felt rushed during the conversation. Also, he explained Toledo Duct Cleaning methods of cleaning the ducts versus some of the other companies. I needed the best possible chance of ridding the house of dog hair and other air contaminates. Since the services rendered, it has made a tremendous difference on the air quality in my home. Also, the two technicians called to let me know they were in route to my home. They were respectful and likeable service men who also shared ways to help maintain clean air ducts. Lastly, they did a good job of cleaning up once the work was completed. I would definitely recommend Toledo Duct Cleaning for your air duct cleaning needs.
Liz SLiz S
19:06 26 Jan 23
We hired Toledo Duct clean to clean our ducts at two different houses and they did a great job with both. They showed me on their video screen what the inside of the ducts looked like and compared both before cleaning and after. We could tell a huge difference in the air in our home afterward.
Katie FruzynskiKatie Fruzynski
16:36 13 Jan 23
From the moment I contacted them - they were nothing but super professional, super responsive and proactive in their communication. I am very happy and impressed with the level of service provided. Shout out to Robert & Rick! Would definitely recommend. Also seeing the stuff they pulled out is SO gross and satisfying... 🙂
Lynn V.Lynn V.
19:27 05 Dec 22
Robert & Lane were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful with cleaning out ducts in our new home. They were efficient and friendly.
Cathie SommerCathie Sommer
17:17 17 Nov 22
My house was built in 1936. I have lived here since 1977. While I have owned the house the vents were never cleaned. Probably the original owners didn't have them cleaned either. The job was probably bigger than the crew expected. Plus, the furnace is in the crawl space. When a new furnace was replaced in the beginning of October (the old furnace was installed in 1988) it was suggested by Fire N Ice to get the ducts cleaned. So, I contacted Jay and set up the cleaning. There was so much dirt in the ducts I couldn't believe it. The crew (Robert and Dane) did a wonderful job. My allergies seem to be better, also. That may be a coincidence, My advice to anyone who knows their ducts haven't been cleaned in over 50 years, think about contacting Toledo Duct Clean. For that matter, even 5-10 years without a good cleaning could make a difference.
Amanda GillinghamAmanda Gillingham
15:44 07 Oct 22
I normally don't write reviews but I definitely wanted to take the time to do so on this one. Toledo duct did an amazing job and you get to watch the camera while they're doing it, wich was pretty neat to see. Don't realize how much dust and other debri get into the vents. Shows what you're breathing in and if allergies or any of that, it's definitely good to have done. They were very nice and answered the million questions I had lol. Will recommend them to my friends and family wich one of my family members already made an appointment after I told them the good experience I had. Thank you!!! 😊
Autumn BowermanAutumn Bowerman
13:34 11 Jul 22
Our experience with Toledo Duct Clean was GREAT! Rick was very professional and timely with his service. He also made sure we were educated on the information related to our service. The price was also the best quoted after calling other competitors. Highly recommend! Thank you again!