Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Process

When shopping for professional Duct Cleaning services, be sure to seek a company that uses rotating brushes and high pressure suction for cleaning. This process is far superior to an Air Whip system and does not risk contamination of your air handler or home in the cleaning process.

Toledo Duct Clean uses rotating brushes ranging in size from 4 inches to 30 inches in diameter to clean your home’s ductwork. While the rotating brushes dislodge dust, dirt and debris, the high pressure suction removes the containments from your system. In some applications, we will also use a negative air system to assist in the cleaning process.


What to Expect

Toledo Duct Clean will remove all of the registers in your home from both the supply and return sides of your system. We will clean the ducts back towards the main trunk lines, and then clean both main supply and return trunk lines back to the plenums of your air handler. Upon completion of the cleaning process, we fog with an Anti-microbial sanitizer through your system. Toledo Duct Clean, also, uses live video cameras during our cleaning process. You are welcome to watch live or we can provide you with before and after pictures, upon your request.

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